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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There's Madness Afoot

Periscope Up.

I’m feeling a little rattled.

I spent some time this morning in a madhouse on wheels filled with chattering schizophrenics. Or perhaps it wasn't the Bellevue mobile mental health unit. Perhaps it was a New York City busy with a full load of cell phone users.

Is there a measurable difference?

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the ‘trappings’ of schizophrenia. It’s a serious brain disorder that can distort the way a person acts, expresses emotion, perceives his/her surroundings, and relates to others.

You only need to spend a few seconds next to an over-animated, cluelessly loud-talking cell phone user to realize that they are the embodiment of the disease. Apparently convinced they are wrapped in Agent Smart's Cone of Silence and unaware of the obvious discomfort and anger of those around them, cell phone schizos natter on about the most private of topics or worse…the most boring, mundane, energy-sucking minutiae imaginable.

Stop the insanity!

What really puts the pickle on my sandwich is this: people with true schizophrenia (for whom I have the utmost compassion) are frightened and withdrawn as a result of their problem. With cell phone users, on the other hand, I am the one who is made frightened and withdrawn…and churlish and frustrated…and misanthropic and psychopathic.

(Perhaps you’re not familiar with the trappings of being a psychopath. Those are the folks that act out their feelings by spraying bullets in public places.)

Curing cell phone-induced schizophrenia is a battle that cannot be won, but might be controlled with proper treatment…perhaps legislation.

Write your flip-flopping local, state, and Federal representative today!

Periscope Down.

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