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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Selling Out Versus Cashing In

Up Periscope.

The thing that's been on my mind lately is the term 'selling out.' You don't hear it used much any more.

As a child of the Sixties, I remember how proud I was of beloved anti-establishment pop culture icons (like the Beatles) who swore they would never sell out by licensing their music or image. Up the Establishment!

As they aged, many performers did ultimately sell out. Beatles songs became elevator music...James Earl Jones did commercials for Verizon. But that's okay. Youthful idealism is, after all, for young people.

Or is it?

As I said, you don't hear the term 'selling out' these days. Instead, youthful success in any arena (from rap to baseball) is a natural springboard to licensing deals...endorsement lines...fragrances...

The name that people earn for themselves with their talent becomes nothing more than a 'brand' stamped on anything that will generate profits.

Sadly this is no longer seen as a negative. Rather than selling out to the powers that be, stars are seen as cashing in on their celebrity.

As trends go...I'd like to see this one reverse itself.

Down Periscope.

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